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Journey to live on timeshare

After quitting the company in September 2014, I go out on a monthly trip with my wife. When I count it, I visited over 20 cities in 10 countries for a year and a half since I started my journey.

One journey will stay for a relatively long period of 1 to 6 weeks, but since the roots are out of bad, rather than going sightseeing every day, you can buy food and sake at the local supermarket, eat in the room, delicious Just to find a restaurant like that, go through cartoons and books with Kindle, run in a gym, relax at the pool, sometimes visit sightseeing spots, and travel.

Why did the married couple go out on a journey so much? It was my first trip to Hawaii and it was the opportunity to participate in Hilton’s time share presentation for the free dinner ticket.

I was hit by the wind of Hawaii and felt the mood while I was listening to the explanation of timeshare, and when I noticed I was in the purchase procedure.

It’s been about 2 years since I purchased my time share for the first time, but the more I know the mechanism of time sharing, the deeper it is, there are still new discoveries.

In this blog, I will try to memorize information about time sharing that is still mysterious, and memories that I felt and felt about traveling using timeshare.

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Where we have visited

I am traveling around the place where Hilton’s time share and hotel are located. I want this information! I will update the information from the place, so if you have a request I think that you can contact us.

  • 2014.09 Honolulu
  • 2014.10 Kyoto / Okinawa / San Francisco
  • 2014.11 Fukuoka / Singapore
  • 2014.12 Honolulu / Bali
  • 2015.01 Sapporo / Orlando
  • 2015.02 Niseko
  • 2015.03 Guam
  • 2015.04 Las Vegas / Okinawa
  • 2015.05 Sendai / Honolulu
  • 2015.06 Island of Hawaii
  • 2015.07 Riviera Maya
  • 2015.08 Niseko / Hanoi
  • 2015.09 Koh Samui / Niagara
  • 2015.10 Odawara / Macao
  • 2015.11 Bali
  • 2015.12 Queenstown / Auckland
  • 2016.01 Okinawa / Whistler
  • 2016.02 Vancouver / San Francisco
  • 2016.03 Cancun / Kohunrich
  • 2016.04 Okinawa
  • 2016.05 Honolulu / Island of Hawaii
  • 2016.06 Bangkok / Koh Samui
  • 2016.07 Phuket / Bangkok
  • 2016.08 Nagoya / Sapporo / Niseko
  • 2016.09 Honolulu
  • 2016.10 Island of Hawaii
  • 2016.11 Los Cabos
  • 2016.12 Las Vegas